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Landscaping Services

Sioux City Landscaping offers all kinds of landscaping services for any residential or commercial need in Sioux City, Iowa and surrounding areas. We are familiar with weather conditions and terrain in Sioux City and surrounding areas, and adapt our services so that less maintenance will be required. We work closely with our client to understand their landscaping, what kinds of plants they wish to grow, and the look they wish to achieve. Then based on their budget and the condition of their current landscape, we will plan and execute whatever the job will entail.  

Ground Work

The first step for landscaping is doing the ground work. In some cases, there is no garden, and in other cases, the existing garden has to be landscaped or modified. There is usually a lot of pebbles, debris which will have to be cleared. In other cases, the surface may be uneven, so leveling of the surface will be required. If there are holes, they will have to be filled.

Flower Planting

Most people prefer to grow flowers in their garden since they are colorful and fragrant. There are large variety of flowering plants which can be grown, and we work closely with our clients to choose the right flowering plants based on weather conditions in Sioux City, Iowa. Some flowering plants will require regular watering, while others will not require much maintenance. The client can specify if he wants any particular flowering plants like roses, lilies, or perennial flowering plants.

Landscaping Service Sioux City Iowa
Landscaping Services Sioux City, Iowa

Raised Beds

In some areas, the soil is not very fertile, due to which the plants will not grow well. In other places, the soil may be sandy or clay like due to which drainage may be a problem. In these cases, it is advisable to have raised beds where the soil quality and drainage can be controlled. The soil in the raised beds can be selected based on the plants which are to be grown. Based on our client requirement we prepare raised beds of different sizes and shapes in their garden, using suitable soil and containers.

Gravel Sidewalk Installation

We help in planning the sidewalk based on client preferences, the size and layout of the garden. We also install the sidewalk in the specified locations, supplying gravel of the required size, color and other materials. With most of our crew originating from the Sioux City area, our staff has the experience, tools and equipment for sidewalk installation so that the sidewalk installed is of high quality.


Many homes and other properties already have gardens, yet over a period of time heavy rainfall and snow can cause erosion and damage to raised beds, sidewalks and other areas of the garden. Wooden structures may get damaged and pests may also dig up and damage the garden. We offer garden repair services for all the installations in the garden. Our experienced staff will visit the garden to assess the existing condition. Then based on the repairs required by the property owner we will complete the job to the highest standard.  

Thus using our services to landscape your property in Sioux City will save you time and enhance the property value. 712-201-0789 Call Us Now!