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Landscape Lighting Installation

Whether it’s installing a few lights in the yard to make night-time navigation a little easier or you require extensive installments to keep an extravagant company garden glowing all through the night, we here at Sioux City Landscaping offer Landscape Lighting Installation! Not only do lights make for an attractive addition to any walkway, but they’re a vital safety feature as well, preventing trips and falls in the dark. This type of installation requires a special landscaper of whom additionally has the skills of an electrician. We can install solar lights, low-voltage lights, or even line-voltage lighting depending on the needs of your project.

The Light Installation Process

We work with our customers to establish the ideal voltage for their project. Solar lights will require sunlight during the day to charge enough for use at night and have a unique installation process. Otherwise, we typically start the process by installing a transformer next to a GFCI outlet. This transformer connects the wires from the building to your outdoor light fixtures. We can install this into siding, brick, and stonework!

The next step is to put together the lights themselves, should assembly be required. We then figure out the rough location for the lights by laying them flat roughly where they’ll be installed. That’s when we attach cable connectors so we can test the electric connection to make sure the transformer was properly installed and giving off a strong enough current to appropriately light the area.

Light Installation Sioux City Iowa
Landscape Lighting Installation Sioux City, Iowa

When we’ve officially established that the wattage of the transformer was appropriately assessed and confirmed the location of the lights, we go ahead and dig a shallow trench to hide the wire, then bury it and finalize the fixture installation. It’s at this point that we install such things as a timer and photocells in order to make your lights automatically turn on at night or react to a motion sensor if one is available, for example. The transformer is where you will be able to manually turn on and off your outdoor lighting, and it’s all protected by a plastic cover.

If you’ve decided to go with solar lighting, however, we don’t have to fuss over all these wires! Instead we begin with establishing the ideal location. For you to get the best use out of your solar lights, they will require at least 6-8 hours of sunlight. Blank slate gardens are ideal, as they give us an opportunity to work with you on setting up a lighting plan that’s easy to work around, but we can work with pre-existing foliage as well to ensure that your lighting plan isn’t blocked and dimmed.

The Result!

After all this, regardless of the type of lighting, we need only wait until nightfall to do any last minute adjustments and confirm that this level of lighting is acceptable. Double checking and safety are key components of our success! Only once our customer is satisfied with the end result of their outdoor project in both day and night time do we consider installation officially complete!

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